Past events

X. Dr.-Annemarie-Schlüter-Piano-Competition

Frankfurt am Main (Germany),

Intermezzo in B, Piano Solo

Frankfurt/Main (Germany),

Vortragssaal der Frankfurter Sparkasse, Frankfurt am Main (Germany),

Elena Gaponenko presents works by F. Schubert, F. Chopin, M. Ravel, A. Scriabin, and G. Cassado, in favor of Dr. Annemarie Schlüter Foundation.

XVI. International Congress of Society for Music Research, Projekt "Sparkling Ears"

University Mainz (Germany),

Opus 8, Clara-Schumann-Hall in Dr. Hoch's Conservatoire

Frankfurt/Main (Germany),

CD Release "Duo for one"

Euskirchen (Germany),


Frankfurt/Main (Germany),

CD Release "Duo for one"

Bad Salzuflen (Germany),

CD Release "Duo for one"

Castle Eulenbroich, Roesrath (Germany),

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