Past events

Cello Solo

Immanuel-Church, Cologne (Germany),

CD recording

Chapel Cloister Property Holthausen (Germany),

Festival "Bosporski Agons", concert

Kertch, Krim,

Festival "Bosporski Agons", Masterclass

Kerch, Krim,

Concert piano solo - Opus 8

C. Bechstein Centrum, Frankfurt am Main (Germany),

CD Release "Duo for one"

Tilburg, Niederlande,

Duo Piano/Cello with Inna Kautzleben

Baiersbronn (Germany),

Ustinov Green Carpet Lounge Berlinale

Berlin (Germany),

Concert in Villa Henn

Cologne (Germany),

Concert of Prize-winners in Holzhausenschloesschen

Frankfurt am Main (Germany),

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