Past events

DTKV-Competition, Juror

Dueren (Germany),

Solo-recital piano / cello

Soßmar (Germany), Hummers Kultursalon,

Dr. Annemarie Schlüter Piano Competition 2018

Frankfurt am Main (Germany),

Concert CD Release Opus 8

Berlin (Germany), Cantus Riedel,

Solo-recital piano music from the XIX. Century

Baiersbronn (Germany),

CD recording

Jesus Christust church, Dahlem, Berlin (Germany),

"Opus 8" - CD-Release

Leverkusen, Christus Church (Germany),

Bonn (Germany), Emmaus-Kirche,

(concert with gifted children from Bonn’s music school)

"Opus 8" - CD-Release

Bonn (Germany), Trinitatis Church,

Festival "Bosporski Agons", Recital

Kertsch, Krim,

piano / cello

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